Gods Unchained Announces Royalty Fees for Secondary Market NFT Transactions

In the name of long term health and growth of the ecosystem, we will now see Gods Unchained royalty fees for all secondary market transactions. This comes as no surprise as it has always been in the original whitepaper. In essence, royalty fees reward the original creators of the items by allowing them to retain a small percentage of the transactions in the secondary market.

Changes are coming to the Gods Unchained ecosystem. Are you on board? Credit: @GodsUnchained

Introducing the Gods Unchained royalty fees

According to the Gods Unchained team, charging royalty fees will directly benefit both the creators and players within the ecosystem. Although the fees will incur in all secondary market NFT transactions within the game, 20% will go into the $GODS staking pool. As long as everyone continues to benefit from the game, it will help to create a more sustainable play-to-earn ecosystem.

However, the impact is minimal given that the fees will only range between <$0.001 to $0.14 per transaction. Diamond cards have the lowest fee percentage since they are the most expensive tier. The team will keep the fees low as they want to encourage more people to trade these cards. This is followed by Gold, Shadow, and lastly the Meteorite card quality. Meteorite represents the most common card and are available at the lowest cost.

The team will start to roll out these updates but it may take up to 2 weeks before it can complete. This is due to the sheer number of digital assets that already exist in the game at this point.

Along with the good people at Immutable, the team is doubling down on their commitment towards long term success. In doing so, the developers will continue to align their goals with those of the active participants in the game.

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