Kongregate x Immutable X Launch $40M Blockchain Developer Fund

Gaming platform Kongregate and Ethereum Layer 2 solution Immutable X have announced a huge $40 million fund today. This fund will be used to give grants to developers working on blockchain games on Kongregate.com.

The gaming platform Kongregate is teaming up with Ethereum L2 Immutable X to give grants to blockchain gaming developers. Credit: Kongregate

About the Kongregate x Immutable X Blockchain Developer Fund

The $40 million fund comes in the form of an IMX token pool. To clarify, IMX is the native token of Immutable X. From this funding pool, the two teams will award grants to developers building blockchain game integrations on Kongregate.com.

What is Kongregate?

Kongregate is a web gaming platform that launched back in 2006. It especially focuses on delivering great gaming experiences for players across platforms, launching many notable mobile games in that time.

Significantly, this partnership with Immutable X is part of Kongregate’s plans to relaunch as a Web3 gaming platform this year. As a result, it hopes to become a major destination for blockchain games from both established and indie developers.

“With the relaunch of Kongregate.com for web3, we’re once again creating a destination unlike any other for developers and gamers to come together to discover, chat about and play games!” said Max Murphy, Chief Technology Officer of Kongregate.

Immutable X x Kongregate announcement poster
The partnership comes ahead of Kongregate’s relaunching as a Web3 platform.

What is Immutable X?

Kongregate’s partner Immutable X is the leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum NFTs. To sum it up simply, the platform allows for gas-free NFT minting and trading. At the same time, it utilizes the robust security of the Ethereum blockchain.

Immutable X has become a huge player in blockchain gaming over the past year. Besides partnering with a number of blockchain game platforms, its game Gods Unchained is one of the most popular blockchain games out there.


All in all, Kongregate making its move into Web3 is a testament to how NFTs are shifting the approach of gaming veterans. The platform will be releasing more details on its relaunch and its Immutable X partnership in the future so be on the lookout for more exciting blockchain gaming news.

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