Everything About Upcoming P2E Racing Game Monster Racing League

Monster Racing League is an upcoming play-2-earn, multiplayer racing game that focuses on skill and strategy. From racing and attacking to breeding monsters and more, the game promises to be a wholesome experience. The game’s first NFT mint goes live in June. So let’s learn all about what the Monster Racing League is and how you can get its NFTs!

Monster Racing League’s first mint goes live in June!

What is Monster Racing League?

Monster Racing League is an upcoming play-2-earn, multiplayer racing game where you can recruit a monster to drive for you. That said, it’s your job to equip the monster with abilities and consumables during the race to get ahead of the others. This means you can use abilities such as weapons, shields, smoke, and boost cards when suitable to defeat your enemies. 

What’s more, you can download and play the game right away! This is your perfect chance to hone your skills ahead of the mint. While the game is ready for launch, the development team is carrying out the final tests to ensure a smooth launch. 

In addition to racing, Monster Racing League has set up a proprietary chromosomal breeding system. With this, you can breed two monsters to create a new monster with different speeds, skills, smart stats, colours, and visual traits. You might even just be able to breed the ultimate racing champion!

How To Mint Monster Racing League NFTs

Monster Racing League is releasing 10,000 containers in June. To explain, each container comes with 4-5 NFTs you will need to get a headstart in the game. 

Within each container, there will be an Origin Monster, a car, as well as one-two abilities such as missile, shield, and smoke. Besides, a boost pack will give you either 20, 50, or 100 consumable cards that give you an advantage in the race. 

Further, you will have a chance to get a custom vehicle cosmetic to amp up your vehicle! These can be either one of 95 Epic cosmetics or one of five Legendary cosmetics. That’s not all! You can even get one of the only 20 ultra-rare tracks using which you can enjoy passive rewards in races. 

Needless to say, the game’s upcoming mint is too good to miss! The pre-sale of the containers will happen between June 3 to June 13. Then, the public sale will go live on June 14. The game will soon announce the start price and mint format.

A purple container with several NFTs
The container comes with four NFTs!

The Future of the Game

Monster Racing League has a solid roadmap in place as well. The game plans to launch its marketplace in Q2 2022. Then, the utility token for the game, breeding, and reveal for abilities, boosters, cosmetics, and tracks will follow in Q3. The game’s Beta testing and launch will also happen during this period. Finally, in Q4, you can expect seasonal tournaments, special events, new tracks, and much more!

To learn more about Monster Racing League, make sure to check the game’s website. Don’t forget to follow the project on Twitter and Instagram and join their Discord server for all the latest updates!

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