Meet Infinite Drive: The First Race-To-Earn Metaverse

Leading game studio, The Tiny Digital Factory, yesterday announced it is developing Infinite Drive, the first-ever race-to-earn metaverse. The well-known developer of racing and motorsport games said it will licence over 100 cars for the game by the end of 2022. It aims to release the game on mobile devices in Q4. Let’s take a closer look at what Infinite Drive is all about.

The first-ever race-to-earn metaverse will release later this year.

What is Infinite Drive?

In a nutshell, Infinite Drive is developed by “racing fans for racing fans”. It promises to be an “accessible” and “authentic” gameplay featuring recreations of officially licensed cars. 

“We’ve used web3 tech to make it possible for gamers to actually own and earn from their vehicles, alongside a stunning player experience out on track,” said Stephane Baudet, Founder and CEO, The Tiny Digital Factory. “Infinite Drive offers the accessibility of mobile games, combined with play and earn, providing the tools to reward passionate players who are already organising racing events and helping us create the very best driving experience.”

How will the Race-to-Earn Metaverse Work?

With a simulation-based gameplay, players can feel the thrill of real-world racing, from the comforts of their home. What’s more, they can even feel, hear, and experience each car’s unique features on the track.

With enough skills, drivers can also race-to-earn. In other words, they can drive for other players and participate in official races and contests to earn tokens. They can even share their winnings!

Additionally, players can build and trade their cars as NFTs on Infinite Drive. From Summer 2022, the game will drop a genesis collection of 5,000 licensed NFT cars. These cars are from premium real-world brands and will give players immediate access to Infinite Drive’s closed Alpha phase. 

That said, it is not essential for players to own NFTs to enjoy Infinite Drive. The full version of the race-to-earn metaverse game will be free-to-play on iOS and Android.

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