Sorare: Football — 2022 Updates

Sorare: Football — 2022 Updates

Since our last community event in March, we have been hard at work in three areas: improve communication, build the best NFT-based free-to-play sports platform, and create new partnerships with the biggest football clubs, leagues, and legends.


In the past few months, we have introduced several new, improved communications channels.

  • We started a monthly newsletter called The Snapshot to give company, product, and community updates. We will continue to build and make it better month over month.
  • We have released Game Week calendars in advance so that our Managers can have better insight into our upcoming competitions, formats and reward allocations. This is intended to help you plan and strategize accordingly.
  • We also launched a new, dedicated player support account @SorareSupport on Twitter to provide real-time communication and product alerts.

Transparency is a top priority and while we have made progress, we are committed to find new ways to better communicate, share, and interact with our Managers.


We are committed to building the world’s best NFT-based free-to-play fantasy game and platform:

  • In May, we publicly launched an App on iOS. We have seen encouraging signs and have loved seeing your new rewards revealed across social media. Over the coming months, we will be adding more compelling features to the app and will roll out our much anticipated Android release in the coming months.
  • The new Game Lobby delivers a more personalized experience with fun and fresh new concepts for team creation, roster management, reward reveals, and more. And with your feedback in mind, we will continue to enhance and optimize the Lobby.

We will continue to develop new gameplay options to create a fun, inclusive experience for all Managers. Since the last event, we have introduced five new Special Weekly competitions all with the emphasis to create a more fun, equitable game:

  • Underdog: increase scouting prowess by playing with less prominent players
  • Specialist: increase gameplay skills by building a balanced team
  • Goalkeeper Special Weekly: potential to win a Goalkeeper (GK) GK as a reward without having to enter a GK in your lineup
  • Special THREEkly: makes the game more inclusive by requiring three scarcity cards instead of five

We also made significant improvements to our free-to-play game:

  • We increased rewards in the Casual competitions.
  • We created the Academy tailored for new Managers joining the community. This competition is exclusive for Managers that don’t play competitions that require Limited, Rare, Super Rare, or Unique cards.
  • We will be progressively rolling out a new feature that helps new Managers build up their gallery with Common cards.

On the rewards front, we set out to provide better transparency around our Game Week distribution and employed tactics to promote gameplay progression across divisions. We accelerated our ETH to USD pegging by three months to help mitigate Ethereum’s recent volatility and improve the Manager experience. We know we still have room to improve and are committed to delivering a revamped, more transparent rewards strategy for all Managers.


Today, we have over 250 officially licensed football clubs and will continue to grow that number significantly this year.

Since our last community event, we launched over 30 clubs, leagues and legends and renewed our partnership with the Bundesliga. We recently announced long term partnerships with two football icons both past and present, Zinedine Zidane & Kylian Mbappé.

We know there is more work to do for our Sorare: Football community. We recognize that many areas need to be improved to make the game easier to access for newcomers, but also to improve different aspects of the current gameplay, notably rewards. We encourage you to share feedback and, as always, will listen diligently and work to create the best game and experience.

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