Idle Degen Game ‘Gangster Arena 2’ Now Live on Blast

Gangster Arena 2 Live on Blast

Web3 idle tycoon game Gangster Arena 2, developed by Uncharted, had recently announced its launch on Blast—a Layer 2 solution built on top of Ethereum.

This new game is “designed for degens” and combines elements of idle and strategic gameplay, focusing on mobile idle tycoon mechanics and PVP game theory.

Players can compete on leaderboards, farm the in-game token $GREED, find arbitrage opportunities, or join gang wars. This season is the only opportunity players can mint $GREED, after which it will become capped and deflationary with additional utilities in future seasons.

Gangster Arena 2
Source: Gangster Arena 2

What is Gangster Arena 2?

Gangster Arena is an web3 strategy game tailored for those who prefer idle and AFK gaming where players take on the role of a mob boss with the goal of enhancing the gang’s reputation and rise through the leaderboard by recruiting gangsters, participating in gang wars, and strategically expanding influence.

Strategic planning plays an important role in its gameplay, with player actions impacting unit prices, game duration and gang war outcomes, creating a competitive environment within the game.

In Gangster Arena, players build and upgrade their gang units to increase their reputation to receive rewards at the end of each season. While $GREED is the primary in-game token, the game also introduces $XGREED, an off-chain currency that can be converted to $GREED.

In addition to $GREED, players can also earn U points that can be converted to $U, the ecosystem token for all Uncharted games and infrastructure.

For more details and updates on the game, follow Gangster Arena 2 on X.

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