Pixels Releases Taskboard Update, Better Rewards for Players

Pixels Releases Taskboard Update, Better Rewards for Players

Popular Ethereum-based farming game Pixels has rolled out new updates to its Taskboard, designed to reward dedicated players whilst maintaining fair play, according to an X post.

The latest update significantly boosts rewards for higher-level players, providing better incentives for those who have invested considerable time and effort into the game.

The team reaffirms their commitment to continually rebalance the Taskboard “until it feels right.”

Pixels Releases Taskboard Update, Better Rewards for Players
Source: Pixels

Continued Updates and Bug Fixes

Addressing ongoing challenges, Pixels has also taken steps to combat bot activity. Despite initially disrupting bot operations in Chapter 2, new bots have emerged and the team is implementing systematic changes, including bans, internal checks, and captchas, to render bot activity economically unsustainable.

In addition to these anti-bot measures, Pixels has implemented several general fixes and updates. These include temporary adjustments to the winery system, such as increased energy requirements for crafting, removal of bulk crafting options, reduced cooldowns for bulk purchasing through auto-buy and so much more. For a detailed list of updates and fixes, visit the official Pixels Help Desk page.

Chapter 2 has been a notable success for Pixels, with a significant increase in player engagement and XP earned. According to the X post, the median play sessions have risen by 158%, with players earning a total of 133.3 million XP from $PIXEL tasks and 846.2 million XP from all tasks over the past week.

The team remains committed to improving the game in response to player input and encourages continued feedback from the community.

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