Game Maker 0.9: Empowering Creators and Engaging Gamers with Brand New Features

After opening the metaverse to all creators last month, The Sandbox team is thrilled to announce the release of Game Maker 0.9, another milestone to empower creators and unlock new gameplay mechanics for players. Built for enthusiasts and experts alike, the enhanced power of Game Maker 0.9 brings more tools, more possibilities, and more efficiency than ever before.

This release signifies a pivotal moment in The Sandbox’s road to providing quality user-generated gaming experiences to everyone. With the introduction of these new tools and features, we are confident that creators will now come closer than ever to realizing the games of their dreams. These features will also allow them to engage their communities with more complex, fully-fledged gaming mechanics.

Download the Game Maker 0.9 here, or read on for more details.

What’s new in Game Maker 0.9

Still No-Code, Still Free

It’s never been easier to bring your game to life! Game Maker 0.9 amplifies the creative potential of users by providing a free, comprehensive suite of tools and features. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned developer, the 0.9 update offers increased versatility, efficiency, and creative opportunities — all without any prior knowledge or coding skills required.

New Game Modes

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of a visual scripting system that makes incorporating game mechanics more efficient. With this system, you can explore a wide range of gameplay possibilities, including puzzles, resource management, loot systems, chance events, skill-based challenges, and more, thanks to the new Game Rules system. Users can choose from preset or custom rulesets to tailor the game mechanics to their unique design needs.

Enhanced Multiplayer Features

For multiplayer experiences, Game Maker 0.9 introduces variables, allowing you to track values for all players or individuals, adding depth and complexity to multiplayer game dynamics.

Bringing Utility to Your NFTs

Another game-changing feature the Game Maker 0.9 introduces is the NFT Sensor. Now, you can verify whether players have equipped a specific Avatar from a collection or own a particular NFT. This feature enables you to grant access to VIP areas and secret levels within your LAND or even divide players into teams based on their NFT ownership. Combining the NFT Sensor with quests and the new Rules system offers a unique and premium gameplay experience for NFT holders.

New Power-Up Features

Game Maker 0.9 lets you create Power Ups to provide players with temporary boosts to their health, speed, attack power, damage resistance, and oxygen levels. You can customize elements such as the percentage increase and duration, allowing for fine-tuned gameplay experiences.

New Ways To Engage Players

For those looking to challenge players’ survival skills, this update offers numerous ways to do so. Whether integrating an Oxygen Meter for underwater gameplay or incorporating Fall Damage, Game Maker 0.9 provides more tools to create thrilling survival scenarios. Additionally, Avatar Checkpoints provide players with a chance to respawn at crucial locations. Multiplayer Combat is also on the horizon, promising even more intense gameplay.

New Ways To Move Around in the Metaverse

Game Maker 0.9 enhances player movement with updates to travel options. The Avatar Teleport feature allows for interlinking locations to create a shocking cutscene or hidden exits from escape rooms, opening up exciting possibilities for narrative game design. Advanced Platforms introduce a new platform behavior that lets users set multiple waypoints for travel, making it easy to create complex movement patterns.

Introducing Smart Equipment Features

Customizing game interactions is a breeze with the Message on Equip feature. This feature triggers custom logic when a player equips an item, adding depth and responsiveness to your game. The Avatar Equipment Configuration ensures that players always have the right tools, whether they’re starting with the equipment they already own or using items you’ve created specifically for your experience.

Templates Make Getting Started Faster

Game development is made easier with over 60 customizable templates to build upon. These templates come pre-fitted with diverse rulesets, logic, and gameplay mechanics, allowing you to level up your experience and launch faster.

On-the-Fly Asset Replacement

The Asset Replacement Tool simplifies the process of replacing assets in your game. With just a few clicks, you can replace one or all instances of an asset, all while leaving the underlying logic untouched.

Grid Snapping for Cleaner Design

The Grid System allows for custom grid sizing and opacity toggles, enabling pinpoint asset placement. Adjustable increments for movement and rotation provide fine-grained control, and a one-click toggle makes it effortless to snap all objects to your custom settings.

Optimized Performance

Game Maker 0.9 includes new debugging features to help you polish your masterpiece. The Collision Collider helps avoid abnormal physics interactions, while the Render Bounds feature ensures accurate asset rendering. The Rules Logger displays when rules are triggered, enabling you to identify and fix issues before your game goes live.

User-friendly GUI

Lastly, the enhanced Quick Access Menu boosts productivity with up to ten times the number of shortcut slots organized in customizable groups. The revamped Asset Library offers a more intuitive user interface and filtering system, making finding the assets you need for your game easier than ever.

Start Building Today!

The Sandbox’s Game Maker 0.9 update is a game-changer for creators and gamers alike. With its vast array of new features and tools, it empowers developers to bring their wildest gaming visions to life. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. What will you create in this new world of limitless creativity and innovation?

Download the Game Maker 0.9 now and start building your experience!

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